FIREFLY by Helen Counts

Helen Counts with her single «Firefly», delved into the world of wildlife and campfires, packing the excitement and knocks to your confidence that this experience can bring. Through the beat of drums and honest lyrics, she plunges us into a magical wonderland, a journey to healing.

Helen having shared a handful of singles in recent times, all about love, but It looks like, Counts is getting more and more inspired by nature, trees, and sea breezes. But still The main emotional message in the tracks is conveyed by softened dream-oriented vocals and lyrics.

A dreamy piece of soft pop, «Firefly» feels custom-made for the folk Spotify playlists, with Helen’s voice presenting like a combination of Erin Rae and Joni Mitchell. But «Firefly» is in no way derivative, with the heart-rending track feeling as genuine as the moments that inspired it, albeit with influence from some iconic artists.

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