YESTERDAY I CRIED by Mot & Krid, Sean Wiggins

Sean Wiggins and Mot & Krid  just launched a brand new single, «Yesterday I Cried» shining further light on the project’s new creative collaboration. More than ever before, their music sounds grand, like a hymn.

The commercial, however, does not seep into the sound in the form of fashion motives, but in the shape of saturated grooves that add “Eurovision mood” to the composition. Sean’s vocals  creep in lush and force, accompanied with massive riffs on the initial guitar.

The song blurs the lines between typical Eurovision pop song, country and club music making for a truly diverse and unpredictable sound. «Yesterday I Cried» is simple and direct like a train, yet outlandish. Catchy chorus and truly powerful vocals  add color and brightness to the dark mood that is hidden inside lyrics.

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