BO DIDDLEY by Joe Maxi⠀⠀⠀

From rainy Dublin, Ireland comes a sound. Not just any sound, but a new Irish sound. Joe Maxi  is an open invitation to anyone who wants to make that jump in time, which many modern bands do not have the courage to do.
I’m a little excited because… Damn… this is as vintage as any early U2 recording, but ten times single-minded.

“Bo Diddley” is a combination of punk rock and the energy of Dublin nights. Throughout the song, the intonation coloring and the tempo of the record almost do not change. The band stays true to structural elements. They alternate them, introduce new ones. And then it sharply muffles, giving the listeners a feeling of aftertaste and thereby emphasizing the minimalism of the selected elements.

The band is filled with tons of delayed guitar work, vocal and mashes together influences from the old school. Joe Maxi second single ‘Centz of Reality’, will be coming out on Friday the 9th of September and we will be beyond thrilled to hear new material.

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