TRIPPIN’ by Lyndsay⠀⠀

Lyndsay premiered her brand new song “Trippin”, from upcoming debut album “Dopamine”. Lyndsay has always been an artist on a quest to blend dance pop aesthetics with sincerity and simplicity. “Trippin” is catchy, with a summer-pop flavor that echoes the work of artists the likes of Dua Lipa, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry.

It’s all about Lyndsay’s voice energy, creating a really interesting contrast between the dance summer mood of the song and Lyndsay’s unique personality. “Tripped” and the whole upcoming album was mixed and produced by  Michael James Down, Will Taylor. Those people have been in the game for years and now together with Lyndsay they put all the experience and energy they exude into an album.

Is another one of the album’s songs to be released as a stream before the actual album release date 20th of September . “Trippin” really showcases her own unique style and If you haven’t heard of Lyndsay so far then I suggest there is no better introduction to her music than this single. 

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