COME ON by Jeremy Newall

“Come on” is a soft indie pop song from professional multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada Jeremy Newall. This song has a feeling of youth, something hateful, against the backdrop of the most pop arrangement in the style of Rex Orange County. And what we like the most is when young talented musicians offer their vision of light-hearted pop music.

Newall’s sound has become richer, more refined and the guitar work has become more beautiful. Soft and a little raucous vocals also call to mind classic indie-pop presents a beautiful melody supported by a backdrop of dreamy delay guitar.

Jeremy’s solo project (previously he was the lead singer for Ruby’s Kiss) has made the achievement of sounding current and retro-nostalgic at the same time. From beginning to end, “Come On” is a glowing pop song with rich guitars, distant drums and bright Newall’s vocal. Perfect soundtrack for sunsets and summer days.

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