GET A LIFE by Doll Riot

These punk girls make me feel like I did when I was in high school again and I was the only rock boy around. The undeniably Doll Riot has the driving force of punk rock. Your head will be banging the whole time. The track is loud and up-tempo and impossibly catchy… and, perhaps you’ll be inspired to crash your room.

Their brand new single ‘Get A Life’ features hysteric vocals and groove laid down by the bass and drums. The track atures a bouncing guitarsline and bassline. There’s a wealth of influences in their music, yet it always has this definable sound aesthetic of loud garage-rock blasts.

Following on from the success of their debut self-titled EP, San Diego’s ferocious femme foursome are back and gave us ‘Get A Life’. Doll Riot’s new track is deep and is definitely worth checking out.

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