New single from the british singer songwriter Dez Rocksteady is taking us back into summer days and continues the acoustic folk-pop sound he has been slowly weaving into his music. Two latest Rocksteady’s songs (including the single “You Don’t Need Much (To Do A Lot)”) are absolutely naked. He is the kind of musician who is unafraid of sharing feelings that worry him.

Rocksteady’s vocals transports you to a warm sunny place that paints the picture of a summer carefree love. Beautifully, Dez manages to write personal, poetic lyrics that recall writers like Jeff Buckley or Jack Johnson. This tune will delight acoustic music fans, pure and simple.

“Summertime (Clouds Are Gone)” is a very good song for the simple fact that Dez Rocksteady could do no wrong in the vocal tember. His delivery of simple lyrical concepts and melodies hit all the right chords.
Listening to this type of songs invokes a certain emotion from our soul, giving you the chills, and “Summertime” is what makes us feel.

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