INDIGO SEA by Rosa Lavenne

Rosa Lavenne the independent artist  incorporates an indie folk, dark pop soundscape with a gothic disposition. She is deeply interested in sad music, and the “curious and psychedelic” pleasure that it can elicit. This is evident in her soft, acoustic songs that are invocative of a melancholic, dreamy nostalgia, teetering on the brink of depression.

“Indigo Sea” It’s a slow soft song with a fingerstyle guitar. According to Rose.  “Indigo Sea” was recorded in one day wiеth her guitar and my 1980s keyboard. SheI learnt this guitar fingerpicking style from covering Bob Dylan’s song ‘Boots of Spanish Leather’.

The distinction Rosa Lavenne draws in her song is a feeling of “happy melancholy”, which one way or another will lead to sadness.
She easily transforms pain into music, exploring feelings of sadness and longing.

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