Gemma Rogers is one of those artists out there that combines daring creativity with their own sound. The new single “Song For The Cities”  will stuck into your consciousness until you can’t stop listening to it.

“Song For The Cities” from Gemma Rogers, offers a peek at the aesthetic sound of her debut LP “No Place Like Home”. The song is a fast, direct and back-to-basics track that embodies the most significant bits of British music legacy. It sounds very sincere and real, which makes the song even more versatile. Gemma’s general positive attitude can be heard both in the lyrics and performance.

To hear this material in a great live setting is beyond thrilled and we recommend catching Gemma Rogers live though, because the sheer volume and hugeness of the sound would be worthwhile.
Gemma’s first tour starts on September 28th, so don’t miss it!

Upcoming live gigs:
28th September – Folklore – London
7th October – Rough Trade – Nottingham
October 15 – Esquires – Bedford
October 21st – The Finsbury – London
October 28st – The Six Six – Cambridge

Connect with Gemma Rogers via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

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