TWO BIRDS by Darby Sabin

Darby Sabin is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who was born and raised in Wilton, Maine. She has been writing and performing for over 15 years throughout the United States, and has been pursuing international musical endeavors since 2018. Recently Darby released her single “Two Birds” from debut EP “Throne of Thorns”.

“Two Birds” is everything acoustic folk-music fans want: strum sound of ringing guitars, melodically singsongy, and above all Darby’s bright voice. It’s a record that will take you on a journey to childhood, and reminds you of your first love.

The acoustic instrumental is simple, soft and easy to listen to. Darby Sabin is now approaching the 2022 festival circuit with a new tenacity as she mourns her father who left her with her songs and a legacy to carry on. We hope you love this song as much as we do!

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