GOTTA LIGHT? by MIld Horses

Matthew Leuw, aka, “Mild Horses”  has shared a new song “Gotta Light?” from his brand new album “Ignorance To Enlightenment And Back Again”. This seven-minute track is filled with all-out psychedelic soundscapes that Matt creates.

The beginning of the song is built upon layers of electric synths, but already in middle  “Gotta Light? show psychedelic qualities. The song immediately showcases strong electronic influences, highlighting 90s accents and dense atmospheres where dream pop and noise rock blend in with the format of experimental music.

Combining traditional electronic melodies, distortion and fuzzy guitar, Matthew Leuw created the perfect storm on the sea. But “Gotta Light? stands alone as distinctly “experemental” track in a sea of foamy dream pop music.
Without doubt, Mild Horses demonstrate that noise pop is probably the most forward-thinking genre in contemporary music.

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