The main emotional message in the track is conveyed by softened vocals that give the material a touch of romanticism and some kind of summer carefree marine vibe. This is taking me back to early 20s. I can see it now….

A teen movie, walking around downtown at night, your buddy pulls up in his sports car. You hop in and speed off into the night, throwing your hands into the air, living your best life. Full of dance energy “Wake Up and Find” the well crafted pop song and it fits perfectly to any radio station. A notable feature of AIRBEAR lies in the unobtrusive drums, softened dream-oriented vocals and the soft sound of electric guitar.

The single explodes in your ears, making you follow the music. It morphs and shifts dynamically, smoothes out and almost becomes sweet. This song could be the soundtrack to a pool party, graduation or a trip around the world. “Wake Up and Find” by Airbear it’s MTV annexation come to the present day, artfully adjusted just enough to sound relevant and catchy.

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