AFTERALL by The Replicants

The first thing that catches our attention is a cascade of cultural references to the music of R.E.M, The Everly Brothers, The Beatles. The stylistic tribute is backed up by a dainty instrumental and that special, light-hearted vibe inherent in radio pop rock hits from the 90s.

“Afterall” sound opens up with boldly borrowed and uncompromisingly catchy acoustic guitar and blues harmonica. The Replicants use pure live sound with highlighted guitar lines, saturate the track with old-fashioned arrangement and organically woven vocal harmony by lead singer.

The song throws itself out with maximum organicity not only with old hooks, but also with modern hooks, which incredibly effectively complement catchy chorus. “Afterall” has a thousand clichés, but everything is done with such a weighty share of individuality, and this only plays into the band’s hands. “Afterall” definitely will stand the test of time and it will always find it’s listener.

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