REDECORATED (HEART) by Sleeps Under Beams

Sleeps Under Beams new effort “Redecorated (Heart)” is all about dreamy textures and soundscape — with direct drum samples, haunting guitar soundscapes and pop melodie that echo the best Depeche Mode or HIM. Redecorated (Heart) charged with its own share of cinematography and gothic rock vibes.

Sleeps Under Beams masterfully created composition, which is capable of leaving an emotional trace. All this is achieved through a spectacular combination of vocals and pop rock arrangement. The track is simple with a touch of melancholy, easily danceable and incredibly catchy. Pop rock music always has to feel familiar and this song is proof that simplicity goes a long way.

The band sound is revealed with its special cinematography, which lies in every second of the sound, especially in the chorus. “Redecorated (Heart)” is only one of the chapters of the planned full-length release “Chasing Beauty”. Sleeps Under Beams have created strong musical concoction that demonstrate what artistic unity can accomplish.

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