LAST I HEARD by Zoe Butler

Zoe is one of those rising stars who will find her listener. She skillfully reveals complex lyrical themes against the backdrop of indie music. Her art of creating an atmosphere of lightness and emotional shock causes goosebumps.

Butler’s priority as a songwriter has always been to tell meaningful stories. Her debut EP “June” is her story of grief, friendship, anger and first love. The new track “Last I Heard” continued the theme of the EP, but only on a larger scale. We’re listening to Zoe’s evolution as an artist and we’re excited about it. She combined in her sound all the best that is in her art.

“Last I Heard” is an excellent example of an intellectual song for the attentive listener, who is picky about the choice of music. Is arranged very simply but it leaves its own interesting sonic aftertaste. Unhurried americana song, with enveloping vocals and a light vibe showed a brave and determined singer who is not afraid to express herself. We look forward to new releases from Zoe. 

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