NEW STAR by Zach Phillips

“New Star” is the joy, and sometimes the pain of a person. It is a hymn to unity, empowerment, heartache and bliss. I notice emotions. I allow myself to get closer to people and be a person in search of my soul.”

Zach Phillips is a San Diego-based singer-songwriter and the song “New Star” from his latest album, “Goddaughters,” is definitely one of the best pop/rock songs on the album. The song begins with an acoustic guitar sound that chord by chord prepares you for a powerful yet melodic chorus. The vocal line accompanies the structure of the minimal arrangement and turns into soulful melodic Zach’s singing.

After listening, I would like to separately note Zach’s vocals: it is expressive, diverse, rich in deep bass parts and organically woven into the mix. “New Star” takes the form of a thrilling sensory journey in which the author explores the themes of relationship obstacles and moments of inner dialogue between mind and heart.

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