FILLING UP THE KIDS by Pranatricks

The truth is comprehended alone with nature. So Pranatrikas using spiritual practices are called upon to reflect the difficulties and miracles of inevitable changes.

Imbued with the spirit of lofty thoughts, the new single “Filling Up The Kids” calls on every person to be ready for change. The song has power and clear semantic parts. In the first part of the track, Pranatricks skillfully uses his voice and the progression of minor chords, revealing to the listener the essence of being that is hidden inside every person. The second part is like mantric chants turn the song into a spell.

There is practically no arrangement in the song, it feels damp and unfinished, and this is what makes the song atosmopheric, it is a protest. All this symbolizes the steadfast adherence to one’s ideology and proves that a cool musical product, opposed to the commercial mainstream and major labels, has not only the right to exist, but also a place in the minds of connoisseurs of truly high-quality music.

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