WHAT IF by The Hybris

The Hybris’s new single it’s a heavy concept song about saving the world and how humanity between each other is in life. Ultimately, what most impressed me was The Hybris’s ability to create conceptual songs that tell a musical story.

“What If” starts off with a powerful alt-rock riff before evoking a Rage Against the Machine-like chorus. Then as the song continues, you have something more akin to a post-rock or cinematic soundscapes song as the guitars thunder in and out. Full of big hooks, catchy riffs, huge emotions, it’s one of those songs you can enjoy like a movie.

The Hybris released an excellent single, in which, in addition to well-mixed guitars, drum and bass you can hear well-thought-out lyrics. “What if” is interesting as an organic genre fusion, in which there is no overload of guitars, but there is a balanced and quite successful sound experiment. It’s the perfect soundtrack for listening alone with headphones, or maybe driving fast on night roads.

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