GOALDEN SKEYE by ainheeky

Ainheeky blissed-out rock music is a perfect laboratory for him to explore dissonant chords and alternative music elements in an energetic and garage punk rock way.

Ainheeky makes really good use of vintage distorted sound of the guitar and that gives it such a great feeling of college rock. ‘goalden skeyek’ has some really simple melody and you feel you’ve heard it somewhere before but it is the way ainheeky delivers his emotion and energy that makes it. His voice, his punk guitar riffs, straghtforward drums and occasionally advert happy youth. It all comes together to make something ‘goalden skeyek’ quite special.

Ainheeky combines the classic forms of college rock and the rebellious spirit of rock music. The song features melancholic lyrics, in which the musician finds a place for the actual problems of adolescence, love and loneliness. ‘goalden skeyek’ has its own zest, and this song could be an underground gem for 2022.

Connect with ainheeky via Bandcamp

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