I DID DRUGS FOR YOU by Rook Monroe

Pop with elements of soft indie and smoke will make you shake your head to the beat. Definitely for fans of pop-futuristic trends. It’s an experimental track, mixing elements of pop indie and electro music.

The track caught our attention with a warm mix and Monroe’s voice that whispered our sins. “I Did Drugs For You” pumps in with powerful musical twists at the beginning, but towards the middle of the song it turns into a refined radio hit. A futuristic indie that is bound to find its listeners besides us. Because we are definitely fans of this release.

In the song, you can hear house motifs, which are complemented by dreamy backing vocals, a dedicated chorus, in which not only the mood, but also the rhythm changes. This added such a light mood to the song that will not leave you throughout the entire track. “I Did Drugs For You” can rightly be considered an incredibly successful track that deserves a place in the playlists of any modern music lover.

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