After the release of debut album “Pink Cow” a new era has begun for Filip Karol. Brand new single “Just Like A Movie Star” is an absolute emotional charge.

Filip Karol switches gears for the song by making it unfinished and almost entirely acoustically. It removes the enraged sound of the electric guitars and exposes bare intimate motifs and Karol’s voice. The most interesting thing is that Filip didn’t really change his songwriting style. Habitually, Karol’s songs are plods of melancholic chords and vocal choir. I expected things to be written differently but it’s still classic pop rock song but with surpising sax in the bridge.

‘Just Like A Movie Star’ is a maximal “easy to dance” song until you delve into the lyrics. If you love melancholic and dreamy acoustic pop rock, this may not be a problem for you. Listening to such songs is difficult to discover something new in the genre, but for those who have just begun to dive into the direction, Filip Karol can turn your musical experience inside out.

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