BUTTERFLY by Alan Dreezer

Alan Dreezer is a Electro-Pop/Singer-Songwriter from Eastbourne East Sussex. After last year’s album «Healed», filled with danceable soundscapes, the new single «Butterfly» feel like a new era for the singer and is the first song from the upcoming 3rd album «Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes».

Funk-soul, pop rock, dance rhythm and recognizable vocals endow the «Butterfly» with the highest degree of quality. The sound in the track is skillfully constructed. It is soft and reveals electronic pop motifs accompanied by slap bass and funky guitar. Alan’s voice still serves as the main accent.

Sometimes it’s bluesy and sweet, sometimes it’s «George Michael meets Steal», but often soul-oriented and high tenor that sets the tone for the entire image of Butterfly’s sound. Earworms from the first chord, «Butterfly» has grown on me from the “I like the whole vibe of the song” to absolute adoration. Already got you on the dance floor? Enjoy the new single, which is out now.

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