LIMITLESS by Katie Pederson

The magical winter mood of “Limitless” is buried in luxurious soft keyboards, shaking the air with their independence. Katie’s mesmerizing vocals bring orderly calm and take it to the next level.

Katie’s newest project “Limitless,” is sure to capture the hearts of fans of Carol King, The Chicks, and Elton John. The lyrics weave stories that take us through the mountains of Western Canada, all the way through the forests and plains of the Northwest United States, resolving finally home, at the shores of Lake Michigan. Pure aesthetics and immersion.

“Limitless,” have an epic feel with the lack of pop arrangement giving way to the piano rolls that go through the mix. “Limitless” is a track that just grabs you with cinematic paisajes. Pure aesthetics and immersion. The single definitely reveals the full potential of Katie as a singer. In it you can find both sad, nostalgic elements, and a light, truly beautiful melody.

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