LETTER TO MYSELF by Richi Camarena

With special attention to backing vocals, deep and sharp beats, and a powerful track background, Richi Camarena takes a familiar sound to a whole new dimension.

“Letter To Myself” is a full-on indietronic track and shows beauty at it’s simplest, dance pop and most catchy. It feels like a Justin Bieber, FINNEAS, Sam Mendez pop tracks. Having saturated the instrumental component with chill tempos and muffled drum sounds, as if resonating in a fog, the emphasis shifts to the vocals. Sometimes dreamy and light, but often soul-oriented and high-pitched, it sets the tone for the entire image of the track’s sound.

Also “Letter To Myself” is a difficult song to rate because it feels like there’s some great chorus and it does work, but it’s often repeated for quite some time before you move on. But still Richi is able to pleasantly surprise with his releases. Each track is full of beautiful dance textures and love vibes and this song is definitely able to impress those people who were not previously familiar with Richie’s music.

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