THE BLUE STAR by Autoleisureland

“The Blue Star” by AutoLeisureland sounds exciting for two reasons — the people involved in the project are two members of successful British soulful pop band The Kane Gang by David Brewis and Paul Woods, and the song evokes a carefree summer mood that does not focus on lyrical content.

“The Blue Star” It’s a vibey and upbeat track — the keyboards exhibit sparkling electropop. A little less than three minutes have passed and already AutoLeisureland has me grooving to ethereal jazzy keyboards, funky guitar and vocals in the 80s style.

“The Blue Star” turned out to be a classic for the duo in everything: in some places summer artistic synth parts, a deep bass sound right out of the corners of 80s pop disco music and deliberately distorted vocals, downright recreates the summer coast in the imagination of listeners. The chorus is a genuine combination of vulnerability and confidence, over an overdriven throbbing synth flow that together creates a brilliant effect.

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