DARK by Maria Krauss

Maria Krauss’s debut single “Dark” showcases all the best aspects of modern pop music in one track and is a great introduction to this new artist.

Maria’s debut single “Dark” is a fragile ballad that is just delightful enough to make you wince couple times. The song brings the bitter to the sweet though and this is a simple trick that Maria does best. It’s a catchy, sweet, light song with plenty of keyboard piano that back up the eclectic guitar melody. Maria is so bright in her vocals too – it’s dreamy, clear and strong from beginning to end.

Of course, there are no two identical voices in the world, but Maria’s vocals are similar to all average voices prepared for the mass listener at the same time. Sometimes the “Dark” start really to sound like a cross between Olivia Rodrigo and Ariana Grande but Maria manages to add notes of her personal individuality. “Dark” is more than just a way to showcase pop trends. Rather, this is a promising start to an interesting solo career.

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