I COULDN’T TRUST by R.F. Coleman

R. F. Coleman co-writes with Joshua Moriarty (of Miami Horror, Telenova) and was co-produced by Scott Horscroft (Silverchair, The Presets, DMA’s). “I Couldn’t Trust” is his debut as a solo musician, but not as an ‘artist’.

Merging together indie pop, funk, old shool vibes R. F. Coleman saturates his debut single with bright colors. The song is able to sound mainstream enough what I liked. I love that the “I Couldn’t Trust” chorus is where the simple chord quirk flies in and it allows R. F. Coleman to express so much in a simple line “It was youuuuu…..”.

R. F. Coleman says his songs are, to put it kindly, ‘naturally raw’ (read: naive). They talk in the abstract, as he operates in the abstract. The subject matter a ballerina, fish tank, self-discovery, addiction, sobriety, eloping, being a father, being accountable. The process is always fun, but often frustrating. Hopefully, this marks the beginning of a new chapter of R. F. Coleman towards an EP or even better, LP.

Connect with R.F. Coleman via Instagram

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