“Some Things Never Change” by Lightholder is one of the most unique songs we’ve discovered in 2022.

Sean Lightholder, a fifth-generation San Franciscan wields his acoustic guitar like a chef in the kitchen. Dancing on the strings, Lightholder singing about love, pain, loneliness and wildlife. “Some Things Never Change” has beautifully complex fingerwork that feels rich and plentiful as the song unravels before you. Sad acoustic guitar paired with Sean’s weary and baritone vocals – it is a match made in heaven.

“Some Things Never Change” is so undemanding and smooth – even with this grittier sense of lyrics – it’s a layer cake of warm sound. The song’s minimalism feels necessary but I also haven’t seen for a long time music in such a simple and pure form like this one. Lightholder excellently skews your genre expectations and delivers something more than folk music. So if you are in need of a calm yet fresh folksy music –  I’d highly recommend adding “Some Things Never Change” to your playlist.

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