LIVIDI by Kate Klein

Kate’s new single is a comeback during the heyday of indie rock, when the genre broadcast the values ​​of pacifism and creativity of freedom. The bittersweet taste of nostalgia is felt in the hard melody, sloppy vocals and indie rock experiments.

Kate Klein is a multi instrumental pop singer/songwriter who spends her time between LA and London. She recorded some new songs at Abbey Road Studio including “You So Extra” and “Kill My Heart”. Both songs made a splash on social media and most recently, parts of the video for “You So Extra” were promoted on the big screens at The Chainsmokers 2019 US Tour.

Now she’s returned with a brand new single “Lividi”. The song is one of the best examples of modern experimental rock music, which sounds in a masterfully played instrumental vein. The track reveals whole layers of non-trivial, deep, thoughtful experimental rock electronics. “Lividi” sounds like a combination of Italian rock, alternative R&B and modern electronics and will stay in your head long after the 2-minute song finishes.

Connect with Kate Klein via Instagram

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