LOVE HOPE TRUST by Roger Street Friedman

Roger Street Friedman’s songs venture down those dirt roads of folk, country, vintage rock n’ roll, and blues. Love Hope Trust, in particular, is inspired by 1970s folk-rock artists such as Cat Stevens and Jackson Browne.

Roger is a critically-acclaimed artist who has garnered features, album reviews, and video premieres in esteemed outlets like American Songwriter, Goldmine Magazine, and Elmore. His brand new single “Love Hope Trust” opens with a lone roots-rock shuffle riff played on an acoustic guitar. Down the center, Roger’s vocals cut through, rhythmic yet melodic, stating the facts of this frightening time while also dishing out some hope.

Roger Street Friedman played a real mix of the coolest moments of 70-80s soft rock, guitar parts which sometimes take the listener’s attention away from the vocals. Overall the song is a complex, layered folk rock that lives by its own internal dynamics. “Love Hope Trust” is a good example of rock that has absorbed the best of a number of genres.

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