Multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA, Ben Grant adopted the name GZ Grant in the late 90’s when he used his moms AOL screen name to message with friends.

He grew up in California and Washington State and eventually found his way to New York City, graduating from Fordham University, and now lives in Los Angeles. His solo work encompasses an array of sounds from psychedelia, shoegaze, krautrock, to post-punk. Ben’s passion for rock and attention to post-punk music set the sound of a progressive vector for his new single “Timelines”.

Having firmly established himself in the underground scene, Ben creates deep, sometimes dark, emotionally charged music. “Timelines” is a good example of non-commercial rock music that has absorbed the best of a number of genres. “Timelines” is a very strong single and sets GZ Grant apart from most shoegaze artists today. It’s impassioned and raw, and completely satisfying.

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