MIRRORS by Adrienne Leska

It isn’t often introduce a singer songwriter who brings so much meaning to the songs, but that’s almost all Adrienne Leska do and she makes a great case for this with her new single “Mirrors”.

“Mirrors”, the title track of Adrienne’s upcoming EP, is about embracing the inner child through others, while understanding that hardships are as beautiful as the enlightening and positive ones which help us grow. It is the story of transformation, awareness and appreciation towards all of the Adrienne’s experiences and everyone encounter in this infinite journey of life.

We are here for a purpose, and stories we create are a guide to what that is for each and everyone of us. Letting go of things that are a reflection of judgements of yourself and letting things in that bring you to the journey that you want. “Mirrors” is packed with love and warmth, about how we can improve not only ourselves, but also other people. To those of us who are lost in life, “Mirrors” is the best cure.

Connect with Adrienne Leska via Instagram

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