STEAL YOUR GIRL by Estella Dawn

Estella Dawn is becoming known for her unwavering confidence and boldly passionate delivery. Her music has proven a force to be reckoned with – her style knows no limits, and across the globe her growing audience is celebrating that quality.

“Steal Your Girl” is a dance-pop hybrid that features crunchy beat, eaworm vocals and the spreading chorus. The new track draws inspiration from Lady Gaga and Dua Lipa and is especially obvious as “Steal Your Girl” has moments that sound a lot like Dua Lipa’s debut album. Estella keeps authenticity at the forefront – utilizing stripped-back acoustic moments when needed, to further build upon that inexorable connection with her listener.

Divinely striking vocals carve out a fiercely distinct identity, as this creative powerhouse continues to raise the bar for the future of modern pop. Her ability to faultlessly unite elements of piercing delicacy and outright ferocity gives her sound a truly unparalleled edge, and allows her to transcend genres with spirited conviction.

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