OPPORTUNITIES by Vince Chinaski

Indie folk is an interesting genre because it can veer into so many different directions. Vince Chinaski feels like he is in an exploratory mood with his brand new single “Opportunities”.

Flitting between guitar pieces and orchestral pads, Vince immerses the listener into a cinematic world. “Opportunities“ has a rhythmic flow but contains half melodic half ambient motifs. There’s guitar, violins and even weird ocean noises. The emotional compass of “Opportunities” is that of sorrow and loss. The cellos fit these emotions perfectly and everything together it sounds like background music to movie scenes.

According to Vince this song is about migration, when he saw a heart-wrenching photo of the two-year-old Alan Kurdi, lying face down on the beach drowned while trying to reach the Greek shores on a rubber boat with his family. Vince’s thoughts and feelings merged and flowed into “Opportunities”. The song has a bittersweet flavour, but if you listen to it, you will find comfort in the sadness.

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