EASIER by Vorsen

Vorsen is the name for London-based, British/Australian producer Oliver Halvorsen. Having relocated at a young age to Western Australia from London, Oliver spent most of his youth playing with teenage bands and dabbling on guitar, making mediocre recordings in his bedroom.

In 2020, Oliver began work on his forthcoming EP ‘Real Life’ in the bedroom of his London flat after the end of a significant relationship. Having produced these songs Vorsen weaves lush atmospheric textures with percussive elements of his immediate surroundings to create a seamless mesh of the musician’s past endeavours.

“Easier” sounds in many shades of carelessness, but is not overloaded with overly flashy hit brilliance of one-day tracks. Oliver’s vocals are in the foreground, and his lyrical component is filled with sad, melancholic and thoughtful messages. He definitely stepped onto a new stage of indie music without adopting stylistic patterns.

Connect with Vorsen via Instagram

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