THIEF by Rena Jones

Rena Jones is a singer/songwriter born and raised in West Palm Beach,FL. Her journey started the moment her mom heard her singing “Think of Me” with the film Phantom of the Opera at the age of 4. From that moment on, her mom kept pushing her to share that gift anytime she got the chance.

This powerhouse vocalist always turns heads when she gets on that stage. Not only moving the crowd with her voice but with her performance and confidence. She has spilled her soul into her music because that is her truest means of communication. Not always good at expressing herself verbally, she puts those emotions and thoughts in her songs.

Her single “Thief” is a masterfully sturdy and catchy pop song. The song showcases not only the high quality of production and mix but how sweet and passionate Rena’s voice can be too. “Thief” will take you from the daily routine to the dance floor. The single is out now and you can listen to it everywhere.

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