Fordë releases his brand new single “October Smoke” and makes it sound loud, modern and uncompromising. You can find the single “October Smoke” below.

Punk rock has never died,  it just has seeped into other regions of rock. Over the course of this punky track, Fordë moves from friendly to just wanting to run away from it all. It’s cleverly done, catchy as hell. There is clarity in the bassline speeds and electric guitar never blur into a total noise. “October Smoke” reminds me of the best songs of my 16s with clever hooks and riffs that get stuck in your brain.

It’s the kind of track born to smash-up your instruments to at the end of a live show. The new single is a mix of pool party and confusion wrapped up in a punk ruckus, with strong hooks and mini tweaks in the production. Have fun with this brand new single, as it’s wonderfully poppy and college rock at the same time. By the end of the song, I felt recharged and alive – ready to rage again.

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