“You Might Remember” is the first single from Benedikts 3rd album and shows us where the band are headed next, after their critically acclaimed second album “Balcony Dream”.

The hazy impressionist pop atmosphere builds gradually into a stunning climax of strings, accordion, distorted drums and soothing vocals interweaving into eachother, manifesting Benedikt’s ambition of finding the calm in the chaos. “You Might Remember” is a song about love and companionship.

It remenisces about the awkward feeling of falling in love, and reflects upon the terrifying idea that between two people who care for eachother, one almost certainly has to die before the other. The vibe is definetly right. There’s a depth, a vulnerability, to this new body of work that hasn’t necessarily been at the forefront of Benedikt’s previous offerings. With a richer infusion of vintage rhythm and dreamy background, unique, soulful vocals are definitely given space to take off.

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