I, HOPE by Philip Jonathan

Drawing inspiration from early Ben Howard, “I, Hope” opens with a complex, almost hypnotic acoustic guitar pattern that forms a steadily fading backbone of the song as new instruments and sounds join the arrangement.

Philip Jonathan’s songs are carefully crafted from deep, personal meditations on the most raw and vulnerable moments of life; a reflection on the questions that rise to the surface, and a relentless hunt for the beauty that can be found within. As the main vocals continue to unfold the story of the song, the brief chorus takes new meaning each time, supported by the haunting harmonies of the backing vocals.

“I, Hope” is a song that imagines hope as a person, exploring the story of someone’s relationship with disappointment from the perspective of hope. If you love soft and broody acoustic folk, this song will be a real discovery for you. The song is a maximal minimalist approach and Jonathan’s voice is absolutely divine as he effortlessly calms your soul.

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