BATON ROUGE by Pranatricks

Pranatricks blends the organic textures of his acoustic indie roots with ethereal nuances. He is a minimalist at heart, even as he creates vast soundscapes in which you can lose yourself like a lush forest on a warm evening when the sun is just setting.

His brand new single “Baton Rouge” follows his own style and production, but this time it’s a slow, foot-stomping bluesy riff. Pranatricks also has one of those weather-beaten voices that works so well with acoustic guitars that morph into electric. Pranatricks is known for being abstract, and likes to treat songwriting like a canvas on which he can paint with many colors.

Crafting almost transcendental landscapes, his songs create peaceful spaces for introspection. “Baton Rouge” conveys emotionally honest ideas about life, existence, connection to a place, memory, and person you love. His music brings together wavy guitar, delicate melodies and soft acoustics to form relaxing and attracting melancholic ambiences.

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