Alan Fiore is a singer, songwriter, and producer from the suburbs of Connecticut. His love for music began at home, listening to his dad play the piano before he could even talk.

As Alan approached his teenage years, he fell in love with the Beatles and was inspired to begin writing his own music. After writing music for a few years, he began taking his music to local producers. However, once the song had been recorded and finished, Alan was left unhappy with the final result. He wasn’t sure how to explain it but this is when he started producing his own music.

In “idk how to not care”, the confident solid and purposeful pop sound is diluted with small but eye-catching acoustic and instrumental inclusions. A dense, but at the same time incredibly light soundscape, creating an overall picture that borders on weightlessness. Alan has been writing and producing music from his dorm and collaborating with a multitude of different people. So expect a lot of new music from Alan.

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