LIKE VERONIKA ’22 by Sleeps Under Beams

Sleeps Under Beams has developed a distinctive sound that can be clearly heard in their new tracks. However, unlike the previous single “Redecorated (Heart),” the new song “Like Veronika ’22” has a colder, more mysterious and heavier flow.

The new track opens with some cool hard rock, with grandiose, epic guitars, exceptional drumming and steady but grooving bass. When the vocals come in, it’s unexpected to hear such a high tone but it’s certainly a welcome change of pace. The song is filled with lyrics that make the listener feel like in a ghost movie, while the music goes more and more gothic.

The chorus of “Like Veronika ’22” is catchy and full of dark gothic rock energy. And yes, It’s hard to imagine the band in the glaring sunlight. A key element of the sound of the Sleeps Under Beams is certainly the raspy and dark cinematic atmosphere. Expressive singing and gothic rock sound is what has set Sleeps Under Beams apart from many other groups and makes it a special element.

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