OUT OF FUEL by Daniella Binyamin

Daniella Binyamin – a singer/songwriter with roots in both the countryside of Sweden and the vivid cities of the Middle East, growing up with two worlds.

Writing songs and stories have always been her way to try to understand herself and the world outside. A way to calibrate the chaos in her mind and heart. Her music is both powerful and fragile, with a focus on her delicate and present voice and ways of storytelling. Her new single “Out of Fuel” is a song that makes you feel cooler and more fearless than you really are.

“Out of Fuel” is catchy as hell as I could see it becoming a real hit. Is a gentle, hushed indie pop piece that lets Daniella sing softly into your ear like an angel. It just fits that atmosphere so well and the vocal hook is melodic and catchy. Daniella moves in an alternative and cinematic pop world, with music that is both energetic and fragile and where her fragile and present voice and storytelling are in focus.

Connect with Daniella Binyamin via Instagram, Facebook

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