BODY LANGUAGE by Alexa Cappelli

Alexa Cappelli is a 22 year old artist and singer/songwriter born and raised in Southern California. Starting voice lessons at 7, Alexa slowly began coming out of her shell through performances and musical theater productions throughout her early teen years.

In high school attending Orange County School of The Arts (OCSA) to study Commercial Music, she found a love for storytelling through songs she performed and wrote. During her senior year, she began answering the questions of who she wanted to be as an artist. Her singles gained traction through TikTok, and with a heart for connection, she loves when music does what it was made for and brings people together.

The song “Body Language” is about getting to know someone in every possible way except for in person. It could be a long distance fling, or a new someone you meet online. Alexa knows her way around capturing true feelings and her music communicates the difficult aspects of relationships in a refreshing and unique way.

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