With a certain classic indie folk sound, the new release from The Peace Lilies has that certain positive aura that transmits both wisdom and the desire to sing by the night fire.

“Stillness of the Night” expresses the widest range of emotions using a minimal set of musical instruments. What’s really noticeable about production is this handmade honesty. With delicate picking, Gary Sanford (guitar) creates an atmosphere that feels familiar and warm, giving the vocals a perfect place to tell the story in a very calm and peaceful way.

The song is focused on the melancholic and soulful vocals of Jacqui Dee. She creates a soothing wave that pulls you into the musical world of The Peace Lilies. You can literally hear that Jacqui gives away little pieces of her soul and heart with every breath, every note. “Stillness of the Night” is about reconnecting and returning to that special place in each other’s hearts. The duo is able to spread this simple message as one, in the purest form of acoustic folk.

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