SICKLY SWEET by Yourk Street Thought Process

The debut single “Sickly Sweet” from the album “Roots” is a playful blend of indie folk and improvisation; from a wide range of original music to classic covers. Is a mellow acoustic folk track reminiscent of old friendships.

In a few seconds the song gently dives into a special atmosphere of tenderness and lightness. York Street Thought Process has managed to create something special with a minimalist composition. Rachael Frankruyter’s vocals perfectly express the sensuality of the song. She’s is picked up by Jaron’s guitars and together they create a quite new sound in the folk music genre.

Separately, I’d like to mention the album “Roots”, where the duo skillfully mixes up the soft but powerful vocals with unexpected guitar parts. It’s an ambitious experimental album with a new look at indie folk music, and the single “Sickly Sweet” is a great start to a long journey. The song carries a certain message, reflecting the attitude towards various trends of our time and the desire to break the established rules.

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