Katie Fry’s brand new single “Somewhere Far Away” is a stunning blend of soft vocals, strings and guitars. Sweet in a way and with country-folk elegance in a way that makes every note hit the heart and soul.

“Somewhere Far Away” is reminiscent of excerpts from diary entries and takes you back to your mischievous youth. Katie Fry’s single is charged with a sense of liberation, heady emotions and inspiration. The chorus is catchy and simple, but beneath the simplicity are several layers of complex audio substrates, and the parts of the muffled backing vocals magically begin to cleverly harmonize with the sound of the instruments.

Katie Fry masterfully conveys the story of dreams of simple times in every note. Musically “Somewhere Far Away” gives you a cozy blanket to hide in and lyrically every line will evoke nostalgia. The whole track sounds sunny and sentimental. This once again emphasizes the high level of sensuality, immediacy and lightness of “Somewhere Far Away”.

Want to know more about Katie Fry and her new single? Сheck out our exclusive interview.

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