Halde is the new solo project of the co-founder and singer of the Montreal indie pop band Groenland. Her song “Nothing Comes For Free” is a dense pop design, diluted with light electronics and guitars.

Halde skillfully switches between guitar parts, immersing the listener into the unique musical world. The entire track is kept within the indie style framework and the same classic synthesizers play the big wheel here. “Nothing Comes For Free” makes you want to go on an unforgettable journey and put the world on pause.

Halde’s vocals grab your attention and don’t let you go until the last bar. Her voice sometimes breaks out of the pop genre, then gently dives back into it. The song is quite uptempo, dreamy, even psychedelic, and makes a point to showcase both sides of the Sabrina’s personality. She is an extremely talented artist, and “Nothing Comes For Free” is a standout song that contains as much weirdness and experimental art world references as possible.

Connect with Halde via Instagram, Facebook

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