COMA STREAM by Nohrland

Blending elements of traditional folk and bluegrass with contemporary pop, NOHRLAND writes music that is incomparable and yet familiar.

NOHRLAND is the melodic universe of original scandinavian folk and bluegrass. The band members are all situated in Denmark. As child Lead Singer Sophia Nohr wandered the fields of west Zealand in the danish country side, while making up melodies and hymns inspired by her childhood heroes; Canadian native icon Buffy Sainte-Marie, Faroe artist Eivør Pálsdóttir and the evocative american singer songwriter Joan Osborne amongst others.

“Coma Stream” is steady and intuitive, but there’s a wave of sadness and melancholia underneath the hopeful rhythm of the acoustic instruments. The song started as a feeling, and the words ‘um ma ga o waia’ sung by instinct, turned out to mean ‘I’m sad’ in Hawaiian. “Coma Stream” creates an atmosphere of carefree sound. The band managed to create an almost perfect synthesis between fantasy, instrumental and folk.

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