MELT by Civiliana

Influenced by the organic sound and artistic freedoms of the alt-rock genre, CIVILIANA brings an unfiltered sound laced with raw emotion and primal physicality to their music and shows.

CIVILIANA emerged from the studio with a trio of new 2019 singles – the spring release “Carry a Light”, the summer effort “Void”, and the fall song “Melt” – to offer listeners a visceral listening experience into themes of loneliness, isolation, and ultimately understanding – all created with the band’s own authentic originality, but continuously blended with the traditional elements of the alt-rock genre.

“Melt” is a raw and sexy track that delves into the hunger for raw intimacy that comes when one’s soul has been fully revitalized. While listening closely, you really can hear the band’s chemistry andconnection through their passion. “Melt” starts taking a full groovy form in the 2nd verse after every instrument was properly introduced with mixed melodies in awesome harmony.

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